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5 in 1 game set

Article No: 6163-00CD

Combination five game set supplied in a wooden box dominoes, ludo, chess, draughts and Mikado.

Without printing
From 2.320 €/pcs
Pad printing
From 2.539 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
2 184 pcs / 0 pcs
Decreased prices: -8%

Riviera picnic blanket, white-blue

Article No: 10013700

Picnic blanket with water resistant backing with easy carry handle. Blanket size is 145 x 130 cm. Polyester fleece.

Without printing
From 16.351 €/pcs
From 18.673 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
293 pcs / 3 355 pcs

Mini beach bucket in four colours., Various

Article No: 5856-09

Plastic beach bucket in four different styles/colours. Each bucket contains mini tools: shovel, rake, scoop, sand strainer and two modelling parts. One in the shape of a fish, and one in the shape of a crab (sold assorted).

Without printing
From 0.995 €/pcs
price on request
On stock / abroad
4 461 pcs / 39 717 pcs

Plastic classic sunglasses

Article No: 9672-02CD

Plastic classic fashion sunglasses with UV-400 protection.

Without printing
From 0.650 €/pcs
Pad printing
From 0.778 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
6 240 pcs / 0 pcs
Decreased prices: -4%

Inflatable travel cushion

Article No: 9651-27CD

Inflatable velour travel cushion in velour pouch.

Without printing
From 0.854 €/pcs
From 1.293 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
4 739 pcs / 0 pcs
Decreased prices: -4%

Fleece blanket in pouch, Red

Article No: 1923-08CD

Fleece (150 gr/m2) blanket, with plastic back, folded and packed in a pouch with nylon carry strap, unfolded size +/-130 x 120 cm.

Without printing
From 7.405 €/pcs
From 8.400 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
509 pcs / 0 pcs
1 - 100 / 870

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