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General Terms and Conditions, Order info

Reklámajándé Kft. is a wholesale company, therefore the following terms and conditions of submitting orders apply exclusively to business entities (companies, institutions). We do not supply private individuals.

The products sold by Reklámajándé Kft. shall not be placed on the retail market without our specific consent. In the case of retail marketing (sale to the general public) the relevant requirements prescribed by the applicable regulations shall be met by our retailer customer.

Resale is only permitted subject to a distribution agreement upon the registration of the entity as distributor. In such cases the following terms, conditions and other details (General Terms) shall be supplemented with our Information on Cooperation with Distributors (Information on Cooperation). In case there is any inconsistency between the provisions of the General Terms and the Information on Cooperation, the provisions of the Information on Cooperation shall prevail over those of the General Terms.

Minimum order amount: HUF 25 000 + VAT

Prices, discounts:

Our catalogues show list prices, while product and decoration prices shown in our webstore (available without signing in) are prices net of our tiered basic quantity discounts.

Our partners eligible for additional regular customer discounts will, after logging into our webstore, see their product and decoration prices reduced by their own specific individual discount rates.

Our catalogues and our webstore shows indicative prices, and do not include VAT! We reserve the right to change our prices. The prices specified in our quotation/confirmation shall be the applicable prices in all cases.

Placing (initiating) an order - consultation about the terms and conditions - acceptance of the offer - confirmation - issue/delivery:

Orders (initiatives) will be accepted even if they are received by e-mail, but placing an order through our webstore is a much easier and reliable solution, all you have to do it is put the selected product into the shopping cart and enter the required quantity (without decoration or with the selected decoration method).

For printed products customers should specify their decoration requests in the comment section next to each product, then at the bottom of the shopping cart they can select the required logo files (for more details see the decoration section below).

Other requests (regarding delivery dates, packaging, collection of goods/delivery, payment, invoicing, etc.) should be entered in the comment field at the bottom of the shopping cart.

Finally, after entering your main data - if you have not signed in - close your order by clicking on Order Request button and send it to us. A copy of this will be automatically delivered to your e-mail address.

Afterwards, your own account manager will contact you within a few hours (during working hours) to confirm the details of decoration, delivery date, packaging, collection of the goods/delivery, payment, invoicing, etc.

Until the acceptance of our offer, you may cancel your order without any consequences. After accepting our offer, we cannot accept the cancellation of the order.

According to to the applicable law, the unconditional right to return products order online within 14 days shall not apply to order requests sent by business entities (companies, institutions) and to our subsequent offer sent and accepted following a consultation because such right to return only applies to orders placed online by consumers (private individuals).

Once our offer is accepted, a confirmation will also be sent within one business day.

You may pick up the ordered products in person at our company headquarter between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on business days, or a delivery of the products may also be requested (within Hungary) which is free of charge for orders of HUF 50,000 plus VAT or more. A fixed delivery fee of HUF 2,850 plus VAT will apply to smaller orders (within Hungary, for each individual address and delivery, that is not by box). (In the case of resale, see the Information on Cooperation.)

Goods must be collected or the delivery of the goods must be accepted on the day indicated in the confirmation or on the business day following such day, but not more than within one week. Otherwise the entire purchase price will be invoiced together with a warehousing cost at a rate of 0.25% per day.

Delivery times:

For products without decoration, the following delivery times shall run from the date on which our offer and the receipt of the advance payment (provided the customer makes advance payment), while decorated products it runs from the date of acceptance of the visual designs (artwork) (Whichever of the three occurs later.)

Products ordered from our warehouse stock of approx. HUF 900 million are ready to be shipped or decoration can begin within a few hours from the receipt of the order. Our existing stocks of each product are shown on our website.

If the ordered quantity exceeds our existing stock, it will take up to 2-5 business days to deliver the necessary quantity. The existing stocks of our suppliers for each product are also shown on our website.

The delivery time for products with decoration shall be 2-7 business days longer.

If you do not wish to pick up the goods at our company headquarter, the additional time required for delivery (within the country, depending on the address and the delivered quantity) is 1-3 working days.


The following details need to be specified (in the shopping cart) for each product where decoration is requested: the part of the product to which the logo/emblem is to be printed, the required size and colour(s) of the logo/emblem. If you wish to specify the required colour exactly, you should specify it in terms of the relevant PMS (Pantone Solid Coated) code as well, however, this cannot be applied in case of four-colour process (direct) printing.

Please upload the logo (graphic material) in a vector graphic file format (.cdr, .ai, .eps or .pdf generated from these) at the bottom of the shopping cart, or send it to us. If a printing technique other than four-colour process printing is to be used, you are requested to provide us with an at least 300 dpi resolution true-colour (.jpg, .tif, .psd, .gif) file.

The decoration visual design will be created free of charge and sent to you for approval on the basis of suitable graphics input materials and your precise decoration instructions, after all necessary oral or written clarifications, within one workday (factoring in decoration technology requirements).

Once the decoration visual design is approved, we will not be held liable for any defect in the approved design. Once our customer has approved the visual design (artwork), we will not be liable for any accepted content errors. Please note that the colours of the visual design may, depending on screen and printer settings, differ from the real colours of the product and/or the logo.

The first revision/modification of the visual designs (artwork) will be free of charge, however, a fee of HUF 6,000 +VAT will be payable for any subsequent changes or the vectorising of non-vector graphic logos (see two the second below) or the vectorising of texts of non-standard font types.

The same fee shall be paid for visual designs of products in the offer/quotation stage (i.e. products not ordered yet), and when the product is ordered, the free of charge part of such work will be deducted from the fee payable.

In the case of certain raw materials and logo/raw material colours the only way to make the print true-colour is by applying a white technical background print in which case the cost of decoration will increase with the cost of the printing of one more colour (relative to the price calculated on the basis of the number of colours of the logo). We will always inform our customers with special attention, in case this would be necessary.

Information on the advantages and disadvantages, possibilities and limitations of the various decoration techniques is available under the menu decoration.

Terms of payment:

For non-decorated products on stock in our warehouse, payment in advance by bank transfer or payment in cash or by card (for collection in person or delivery with cash on delivery). Subsequent bank transfer is only available subject to specific arrangements.

Products that are currently out of stock, or products that are to be decorated, shall be paid by prior bank transfer. Payment in cash or by card, and subsequent bank transfer (after delivery) is only possible with specific individual agreement- (collected from our office or shipped with cash on delivery)

No goods may be delivered to customers with overdue and unpaid invoices, until such the relevant overdue and unpaid amount is settled.


The data and images shown in our webstore/catalogues are indicative data and images. The actual delivered items may slightly differ in terms of hues, shades of colour, sizes and finishing from those shown in our webstore/catalogue, or those delivered before.

The quality of the product will be determined in terms of the sample presented at our showroom or the one supplied in advance specifically for the order concerned. You will be entitled to refuse to accept products on the ground of their being different only if the product delivered substantially differs from the sample product.

Since any decoration is printed on different base materials and colours for different products, we can undertake to print the requested decorations (logo/text) with approximately true colours.

In the case of products with decoration, the quantity of the product to be actually supplied and invoiced for may, for technical reasons, fall not more than 5% short of the quantity specified in the order/confirmation. If you specifically insist on the delivery of the precise number of products you ordered, please provide us with a written notice to this effect indicating the precise number of products to be delivered.


Customers shall inspect the products delivered and the decorations on them to confirm their compliance with the order / visual design / confirmation, within 8 days from the receipt and within the shortest timeframe required for the inspection as stipulated in the Civil Code and its rules. Upon identifying any difference or quality defect, the customer must immediately notify the supplier, in writing. The parties shall jointly record the quality defect in a protocol.

A warranty claim may be submitted and enforced within 1 year of the date of the receipt, but only for defects that can be proven to have already existed at the time of the receipt. The customer shall notify any defect covered by warranty to the supplier immediately upon its detection. Defects caused by reasons arising after the delivery of the product to the customer shall not be covered by warranty. Such reasons may include, for example, unprofessional commissioning or operation, use for purposes other than the intended purpose, improper transportation or storage, changes made to the product after delivery, rework, etc., such as the decoration.

In the case of claims (based on deviations from the specifications of the order/visual designs/confirmation or on quality defects or defects covered by implied warranty) justified in terms of the above two paragraphs, the customer may ask for repair, replacement*** or a proportionate price discount or, upon returning the defective products, the crediting of the price of the returned products. (Claim for default penalty will only be accepted if it was stipulated in writing, in advance, when the order was placed.) Products may not be returned and no credit for their price is granted in the case of minor defects.

*** No replacement is available for small numbers of products with decoration (making up for deficiencies) at our cost, because of the high fixed costs of decoration and delivery relative to the small number of products to be supplied as such.

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