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Products: Bathing sets

Glass hourglass Mia, light blue

Article No: 1015133-18

Glass small hourglass with ABS endings and suction cup. Appr 3 minutes. Individually packaged in polybag.

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899 pcs / 46 725 pcs

ABS digital shower timer Kendrick, white

Article No: 966254-02

ABS digital shower timer with suction cap on the back, and push button on the front.

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199 pcs / 14 346 pcs

Plastic shower timer Alaya, white

Article No: 7096-02

Plastic shower timer with suction cap on the back, five minutes.

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From 1,51 €/pcs
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87 pcs / 18 028 pcs

Guitty digital shower timer, White

Article No: 12620301

The Guitty shower timer is a digital solution for monitoring your shower time and promoting eco-conscious habits. With its 5 minute timer, you can easily keep track of your shower duration and save water and energy. The timer is powered by a single LR1130 battery (included), making it easy to set up and use right out of the box. The digital display is easy to read and the timer features an intuitive start/stop button for effortless operation. The compact and stylish design of the Guitty shower timer makes it a convenient addition to any bathroom, helping you make a positive impact on the environment while enhancing your daily routine.

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From 4,03 €/pcs
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0 pcs / 35 827 pcs

Catto shower timer, Red

Article No: 12620221

The Catto shower timer is an innovative solution for saving water and energy. With a 3.5-4 minute sand timer, it helps you keep track of your shower time and reduce excessive water usage. The timer features a suction cup that allows for easy attachment to smooth surfaces such as tiles, making it accessible and convenient to use. Start the timer when you begin your shower and let the sand countdown until it runs out, reminding you to wrap up your shower. With its compact design, the Catto shower timer is the perfect addition to your bathroom routine and helps you save resources while promoting eco-conscious habits.

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