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Decreased prices

since the catalogue-release

Parker Jotter steel mechanical pencil, Silver

Article No: 8507-32

Parker Jotter stainless steel mechanical pencil, 0,5 mm., with gift box (delivered separately).

Without printing
From 11.247 €/pcs
Engraving on metal 0-3 cm2
From 12.013 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
397 pcs / 1 174 pcs

Football table game, Various

Article No: 2346-09

MDF football table game, to be self assembled with six plastic players on each side and a ball.

Without printing
From 11.732 €/pcs
Pad printing
From 12.921 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
286 pcs / 3 653 pcs
Decreased prices: -22%

ABS telescopic selfie stick, Black

Article No: 9218-01

ABS telescopic selfie stick, expandable to a max of 116 cm, includes a nylon wrist cord, and a ribbed handle. The bracket to hold the mobile phone is extractable to a max of 7,9 cm and can be moved in several positions

Without printing
From 2.086 €/pcs
Pad printing
From 2.315 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
1 245 pcs / 4 616 pcs
Decreased prices: -17%

Key holder and bottle opener, Red

Article No: 8517-08

Metal key holder and bottle opener.

Without printing
From 0.134 €/pcs
Pad printing
From 0.220 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
19 041 pcs / 152 281 pcs
Decreased prices: -11%

Drawing mug, Neutral

Article No: 2980-21

Plastic drawing mug with three colouring pictures (26cm x 9cm) pencils not included.

Without printing
From 1.667 €/pcs
Pad printing
From 1.847 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
1 401 pcs / 5 932 pcs

Nonwoven bag with coloured trim., Light green

Article No: 3610-19

Nonwoven (80g/m2) carrying/shopping bag with long handles and coloured trim.

Without printing
From 0.637 €/pcs
From 0.966 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
3 409 pcs / 26 751 pcs
Decreased prices: -7%
1 - 100 / 829

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