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Hand gel bottle (100 ml) with 70% alcohol, transparent

Article No: 9372-21

Hand gel bottle (100 ml) with 70% alcohol. The glycerine in the gel helps spread the alcohol over the hands and helps reduce the drying effect of the alcohol on the skin. Made in Holland.

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From 3.247 €/pcs
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1 590 pcs / 11 175 pcs
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20 400 pcs / 0 pcs

Calla GOTS face mask, white

Article No: 37514010

One-layer face mask with metal nose bridge. Washable at 60 degrees. Made of soft and comfortable 100% certified organic cotton. GOTS certification ensures a 100% certified supply chain. Use of this mask is exclusively reserved for non-sanitary purposes. This device is not a medical device in the sense of regulation EU/2017/745 (surgical masks) nor is it personal protective equipment in the sense of Regulation EU/2016/425 (such as filtering masks type FFP2 or FFP3). This product is not suitable for medical use and does not protect against infections.

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From 1.344 €/pcs
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3 450 pcs / 205 440 pcs

Surface spray bottle (50 ml) with 70% alcohol

Article No: 9375-788

Surface spray bottle (50 ml) with 70% alcohol. Suitable for tables, seats, door handles, and other surfaces you come in contact with. The spray does not leave a residue. Made in Holland.

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From 2.863 €/pcs
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840 pcs / 19 031 pcs

Hand gel with 70% alcohol

Article No: 9367-21

PET bottle (35 ml) with hand gel, containing 70% alcohol. Made in Europe.

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From 1.991 €/pcs
From 2.134 €/pcs
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863 pcs / 94 763 pcs

Cotton mask with 7 layers, grey

Article No: 423316-03

Cotton, reuasable face mask with elastic straps. The mask has an adjustable nose piece and is shaped for comfort. The seven-layer mask (Five-layer filter with Melt Blown SSMMS filter) has a bacterial filtration of 95%. Suitable for handwash. Non-medical.

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From 2.304 €/pcs
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From 2.832 €/pcs
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473 pcs / 13 687 pcs
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